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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Political Might Behind Mile High Cab

Politicians are taking notice ... You are making a difference

On Sept. 2, Colorado State Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry weighed in on the plight of Mile High Cab's owner/operators. Sen. Penry told the state Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in no uncertain terms that an administrative law judge's ruling against competition and consumer benefits should be reviewed. Read the Senator's letter, then get involved yourself, ask PUC Director Doug Dean to hear Mile High Cab's case. Email him at Doug.Dean@dora.state.co.us.

Here is Sen. Penry's letter. Thank you, Senator, for standing up for fair and open competition, for better consumer service and pricing, and against monopolists and protectionism.

Re: Mile High Cab, Inc. 08A-407CP

Dear Commissioners:

I sponsored an amendment to House Bill 08-1227 that changed the application process for taxi cabs and opened the door for greater competition in the taxi cab industry. The amendment, which passed with the support and assistance of other legislators including Sen.Chris Romer, was meant to ease the entrance of taxi companies into the Denver market.

The ruling by Administrative Law Judge Paul Gomez to deny Mile High Cab's application to operate in Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties goes against the intent of this 2008 legislation. Our intent with the legislation was to increase competition for the benefit of consumers, allowing greater choice and more efficient taxi cab service in the metro area.We viewed increased competition as beneficial to the public interest, not detrimental to it, as Judge Gomez ruled. We intended for more taxi cab companies to be approved to operate in the metro area to provide this competition, so long as they could prove they were operationally and financially fit to provide taxi services.

I hope the Public Utilities Commission will take this information into consideration as it reviews Mile High Cab's application to operate in Denver. The task of the PUC is to ensure honest and open competition for the benefit of competitors and the public they serve, not to perpetuate the strength and market share of aspiring monopolists.


Josh Penry

State Senator

Senate District 7

Penry Letter to PUC


  1. Tell them, that is right, PUC is acting as the sole guardian of the taxi corporations. Monopoly hurts, competition benefits

  2. Josh good job, we (Colorado) believe in you. Save the public from abuse in the hands of few cab companies.

  3. The COPUC needs to know that, consumers always lose when competition is denied. Consumers should not fear cometition. In fact, it is one of the best means to improve operating systems and giving consumers more options. There are several reasons why monopolies may be against the public interest. it is claimed that monopolies produce at a lower level output and charge a higher price than under perfect competition in both the short run and the long run. The government has to step in and put and end to this injustice. Its intervention is supposed to foster free enterprise and fair competition and protect individuals from monopolies.

  4. Thank You, Senator.
    It is clear that restoring competition will benefit the consumers.

  5. What a strange decision, are we in America or on other planet? Competition hurts? Unbelievable? Paradodical. Please PUC come to your sense...!!!