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Friday, September 17, 2010

More News Coverage, We're Making Some Noise

Great 8 Newspapers, chain takes notice of Mile High Cab

Laura Hathaway, editor and writer for the Golden Transcript, one of eight suburban newspapers serving several west metro communities, got together with Mile High Cab chairman Edem "Archie" Archibong to learn about Mile High Cab. Her excellent story is running in several papers this week, letting suburban dwellers know that Mile High Cab is here to serve them!

Cabbies still waiting for a chance at new venture
Company wants to expand services to Jeffco

by Laura Hathaway

A two-year battle continues for cabdriver Edem "Archie" Archibong as his dream of creating another cab company in Denver was recently denied by the Public Utilities Commission.

Archibong, along with 150 cabdrivers, wants to create a company that serves five Denver-area counties, including Jefferson and Adams counties, and offers lower fares and more available cab service.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC), which regulates the taxi industry, said in a July ruling that adding Mile High Cabs to the market would harm the public and existing cab companies because of destructive competition.

Judge Paul Gomez said another company would impede the ability of current carriers to provide safe, economical and efficient service.

Mile High Cab applied to the PUC in 2008 and has been waiting to hear their fate since.

Read the rest of this story by clicking here.


  1. I really donnot see how lower fare hart public. Can someone explain for me how cheap taxi going to hart us. Hello, Judge Gomez can you tell how this harm us or can you allow market to decide between businesses not you or any corrupted person.

  2. Well, said, Mr. Ed! How could lower fares hurt me?

  3. we need more competitions.