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Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Candidate for Fair Competition

Big thanks to GOP Candidate Tyler Kolden ...

Mr. Kolden, in a race for State Senate District 32, running against incumbent Sen. Chris Romer (who has also spoken up on behalf of Mile High Cab's press for fair competition in Denver's taxi market). That's Mr. Kolden on the right with one of Mile High's directors.

Mr. Kolden, a Republican, wirtes in a letter to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and Direct Doug Dean:

Mr. Dean,

I recently spoke with a number of members of the Mile High Cab organization and they shared with me their current plight. According to the judge they were operationally and managerially fit to operate but their application was denied because more taxi competition would hurt the public interest.

The task of the PUC is to ensure honest and open competition for the benefit of competitors and the public they serve. As a candidate for Senate District 32, I strongly encourage you to review the Mile High Cab case with that perspective.

Thank you,
Tyler Kolden
Candidate for Senate District 32
Email: tyler@votekolden.com
Phone: 720-239-2175
Website: http://votekolden.com

You can speak up and have your voice heard, too. It's easy. Mile High Cab is a cooperative of owner/drivers who want to create a new cab company. They promise lower fares and better service for customers, and a fair shake for drivers. A PUC administrative judge ruled they have the financial backing and are qualified, but he denied them a license because the competition could hurt the other, big companies (one, Yellow, is owned by a multi-billion-dollar French conglomerate!)

Mile High Cab doesn't want a government loan or special favors. The drivers just want to be allowed to compete. When drivers and consumers get a better deal, how can that be bad for Denver?

Tell PUC Director Doug Dean you want the PUC to let Mile High Compete. Write to him at Doug.Dean@dora.state.co.us


  1. Great stuff, thanks for standing up for what's right!

  2. The principle of free market must be rescused. I believe competiton is a tool for growth and advancement, what is this nonesense argument by the Judge who ever he is???!!! "Competition hurts...!!!" Stand UP Colorado...!!! Wake Up Denver...!!!

  3. Judge Gomez, Please advice the city; we don't like to have the rail road between Downtown and DIA. You know what I mean? Right? Because it would hurt us (public).

  4. Tyler, fight for what you believe in. We don't need the government getting in the way of creating job. Tear the PUC's curtain apart.