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Friday, September 10, 2010

Denver Business Journal on Senators' Entry to Fray

Article highlights political turn ...

This week's Denver Business Journal spotlights the growing political support for the independent owner/operators at Mile High Cab and their bid to compete in the Denver taxi market. The drivers cooperative wants to compete against the four existing companies by offering better service and lower fares.

Penry, Romer say taxi ruling goes against legislative intent

Denver Business Journal - by Cathy Proctor

Two state senators dispute a decision by a Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) judge denying a Denver company’s bid to start a new cab company.

Sens. Josh Penry, G-Grand Junction, and Chris Romer, D-Denver, say PUC administrative law judge Paul Gomez was wrong when he denied Mile High Cab Co.’s application in mid-July. Both lawmakers were involved in 2008 legislation to spur competition in the Denver taxi market.

Gomez’s decision declared that Denver already has enough cabs and that adding more wouldn’t serve the public interest.

But the judge’s ruling goes against the intent of a 2008 law designed to make it easier for new cab companies to start, Penry and Romer said in letters sent to the PUC in response to Gomez’s decision. That law required applicants to show financial and operational abilities, striking down requirements that applicants prove a public need.

You can link to the full article here.


  1. Romer wants to be mayor of Denver if Hick becomes governor, right?

  2. Thanks senators for supporting local small businesses and free market.