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Thursday, September 9, 2010

BadTaxi! From the Files of the PUC

BadTaxi! is an occasional series from Mile High Cab. While a Colorado Public Utilities Commission administrative law judge says the five-county metro area is already adequately served by existing Taxi companies, the PUC’s own files show things could be better. Much better.

The following complaint is a real example written by a real taxi customer. Every file in this series is taken directly from the Files of the PUC.

On July 20, 2010, a customer called in a complaint regarding Metro Cab, one of four companies a judge has ruled provide Front Range residents with acceptable service.

The customer got out of a shuttle bus and into a waiting Metro Cab. Inside the cab, on his way home, the customer asked the driver to stop by a fast food restaurant so he could get something to eat. According to the complaint, the “driver refused and told the customer to get out of his cab. Customer thought the driver was joking and the driver said he was busy and wanted him to get out of the cab.” The driver ended up returning the customer to the pickup location and left him there.

The customer in this case is blind.

Metro Taxi’s own website says “Safety First” and “Courtesy A Close Second,” boasting “Metro Taxi drivers go above and beyond the call of duty when servicing their calls.”

Putting a blind customer out in the middle of a parking lot is safe? Refusing to take a paying customer where he wants to go (a fast food restaurant) is going “above and beyond the call of duty?”

Bad service is bad service. Leaving someone in a dangerous position is not safe.

You don’t have to put up with bad service. Take a stand. If you’ve had a bad experience in a Denver cab, let the PUC know and demand an investigation. You can call investigators at (800) 456-0858 or email a complaint to PUCConsumer.Complaints@dora.state.co.us

You can let the PUC know you want the lower fares and better service offered by the owner/operators of Mile High Cab. Ask the PUC to hear Mile High Cab’s case and let them compete in a Denver market that can only get better when drivers compete to earn your trust. Write to Director Doug Dean at Doug.Dean@dora.state.co.us and reference Mile High Cab, docket number 08A-407CP.

And if you'd like to share your experiences in public, feel free to leave a comment, or post a review on the public service review site Yelp


  1. I just wanted to write in to tell my experience with Metro and yellow Cab. I called for a cab (Metro) for a customer of ours and was told that one would be there in 15 minutes. That customer was standing in front of our building for approximately 45 minutes. I called a second time and was told that no one was there when the cab arrived. That was a lie.

    I called another company - Yellow cab. The dispatcher said the cab will be there in a few minutes. we waited another 35 minutes. Finally one of our client saw what was going on and took the gentelman to his address in his own car.
    This things that really irked me the most just the absolute liars of the dispatcher.
    their service is terrible and since they have a monopoly on this transportation services in the area.
    Is there not someone out there with operational capability and funds to compete this companies. We deserve better!!!

  2. Come on now...the second paragraph of this comment is false. I can understand that some of you want another cab service for some reason but to make up false statements is going too far. I am a Yellow Cab customer and I can tell you that as many times that I have asked for an estimated arrival time for my cab, the call takers won't give me one. What I am told is that they have cabs in the area but they can't say when the cab will show up. The driver may be stopping for gas, a drink or a quick bite to eat. What they have told me is that is it's not there within 15-20 minutes call back.

    I can understand the agenda here but you people need to stop bending the truth to accomplish your goals.