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Monday, September 6, 2010

Great Letters, Keep 'Em Coming!

Thanks to everyone who is standing up for better Taxi service ...

Wow, this is great, people are writing to the Public Utilities Commission to point out the need for the better service, lower prices and better working conditions Mile High Cab is proposing.

One letter is from a former Metro driver who is being squeezed out of Denver. He's moving to a town where it's easier to make a living: NewYork City!? Something's wrong with this picture.

You can write, too. Contact PUC Director Doug Dean and ask him to review the Mile High Cab application. Support better working conditions, better service and lower prices. Write to Mr. Dean at Doug.Dean@dora.state.co.us

Former Metro driver Mark Fossey writes:

I have lived here in Denver since I was 3 years old. I am moving to New York City soon to seek my fortune on Broadway and in cab driving. I drove for Metro Taxi from 1996-2002. When the lease on the cab and the price of cab increased my expenses by almost $1,000 per month I had to quit driving taxis. I was not willing to work forty hours just to cover costs. The only hours that go into a driver's pocket are hours after 40 ... I have been waiting for over a year to go back to cab driving, since MIle High was promising affordable leases. Since they are not going to get the approval of the PUC, I have decided to give a real cab town (NYC) a shot ... Perhaps something will change between then and now, perhaps I can stay here in the city that I love the most.

And here's another letter, Mile High member, Amin Said, who sums the whole thing up beautifully. He's not asking for a handout, just a chance to compete in a fair, open market.

My name is Amin and I am a member of Mile High Cab Inc. All we are asking is just for an opportunity. This is a country where dreams come true and the sky has no limit. We are not asking for anything else except for a license from the (Public Utilities Commission). We just want more competition with other companies. 

Keep those letters coming. If you want change, you have to ask for it. All it takes is a letter. Let your voice be heard.

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