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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Interesting Take on Competition

Blogger Joshua Sharf for Red State on the taxi situation ...

Sharf, A Republican running for State House District 6 (Denver), has reviewed the debate over keeping Mile High Cab drivers out of the market, just because the existing companies would have to compete.

The effect of competition, he says, might be ... dare we say, "Good?"

Here's his take on why the Colorado Public Utilities Commission might want to review an administrative law judge's ruling against letting Mile High Cab into the market:

"With control over the number of available cabs, the fares, and the lease arrangements, the PUC has done little more than to discredit (once again) the idea of central planning. The right answer is to remove the PUC's control of all three elements, and let normal market forces work their magic. If Yellow Cab or Metro Cab drivers find they can't make their leases, Yellow Cab and Metro Cab will find themselves with fewer drivers. Some drivers will leave to join Mile High Cab. I can certainly see where Mile High Cab could even work with finance companies to help refugees from Yellow and Metro who want to work, but who haven't yet set aside enough cash to buy a car. Read his full analysis of the issue here. And you can learn more about Joshua Sharf and his campaign here.

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