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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why is Colorado Government Against Jobs?

Didn't see this one coming ...

Down, but not out ... Cut me, Mick!
Voting 2-1 against a group of independent businessmen seeking to start a new Denver taxi company, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission on Nov. 23 slammed the door on new competition and backed existing companies that set higher rates and require drivers to pay up to $900 or more each week just to drive.

Commissioners at an afternoon hearing voted to uphold the ruling of an administrative judge, who earlier this year decided that the drivers of Mile High Cab were competent and had a workable business model, but their entry into the market could hurt the profits of existing cab companies. That would include Denver's largest company, Metro, and another company, Yellow, which is part of a multibillion-dollar French conglomerate, Veolia, that also owns the SuperShuttle airport vans and provides drivers for RTD.

In a time when unemployment is high, PUC Commissioners Matt Baker and James Tarpey voted to block drivers who sought to create 150 new jobs in Denver wtih no government assistance. Chairman Ron Binz stood alone and voted against the measure blocking the judge from reconsidering Mile High Cab's case.

Mile High Cab, is down but not out. Attorney Tom Russell is reviewing the decision, and will help Mile High's Board of Directors decide on the next step in their fight.


  1. As far as I understand the world we live in now big money win. Nobody cares for law and regulation. I think if u have a lots of money you win that what I see specially in PUC. As citizen we have to fight this kind of corruption. Mile high must fight to the last.