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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When is a Lawsuit Like Getting Frisked?

"Smart move, Tom" ...

It was nice to see the smart, funny and on-point political blog Mangy Redbone Hound notice Mile High Cab's fight for free, American-style capitalism in the Denver taxi market. The well-read blog took special notice of Mile High's attorney, Tom Russell, and his quest to call existing cab companies on their claims.

Russell called on the poor-mouthing cab companies to open their books through the legal process of discovery. That would force them to prove that there are too many cabs in Denver (something they probably can't do) ...

The bloggers noted, "Smart move, Tom ... Chances are, the opponents of Mile High’s application don’t want to have their junk groped in public for a reason.  They are probably doing just fine financially, and their protests about “harm to the market” are really about protection from market forces so they can achieve supra-competitive returns on their investment."

In other words, the fatcat cab owners of these huge companies complained, "Don't touch my junk."

Read the entire excellent post here. And stay tuned, big news to come ...

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