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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Front Page News, Read All About It ...

Denver Daily News all over Mile High Cab story ...

Today's Denver Daily News isn't letting up on the Public Utilities Commission. Once again, the daily paper is all over the story. Reporter Peter Marcus is digging in to why the state of Colorado is blocking investors from creating new jobs and offering consumers lower prices and better service.

It's  a solid story and got top billing in the issue.

Here's some of what Marcus wrote:

Taxi battle still alive?
Drivers looking to open a new company hope for positive PUC appeal
Peter Marcus, DDN Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 

A group of immigrant taxi drivers seeking to open their own company say their appeal is still alive.

The Public Utilities Commission today will reconsider several motions concerning whether Mile High Cab can operate in the Denver metro area.

A proposal by Mile High Cab to open a new company was rejected by an administrative-law judge in August. The judge ruled that the new company would damage existing local cab companies. The group unsuccessfully lobbied the PUC to overturn the ruling.

But PUC commissioners today are expected to consider several motions, including whether to force existing cab companies to provide financial records indicating that they can’t absorb additional competition, according to Tom Russell, an attorney representing the group of drivers.

Russell is curious to see existing companies’ financial records and compare any impacts that may have been felt when Union Taxi was able to open in 2009 as a cooperative. Russell says if the issue is really about competition, then existing cab companies should provide records that indicate that a new company would saturate the market and crush the existing companies ...

... The issue has also been politicized, with several politicians and lobbyists weighing in over the past two years, especially over the last several months. Gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo sided with the cab drivers, while Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper agreed that the new company would damage existing cab companies and saturate the Denver market.

Mile High Cab has now targeted Denver mayoral candidate Michael Hancock who has testified in opposition of the new company. Russell has also shown campaign finance documents that show that Councilman Hancock has accepted campaign contributions from Metro Taxi officials. He expects Hancock to receive similar donations from Metro in the upcoming mayoral election.

Read the entire story at the Denver Daily News, here.


  1. I know it is kind of hearting when PUC personals backing The judge ruled that the new company would damage existing local cab companies.The PUC working for existing lacal cab companies instead of working for public interst.

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