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Monday, November 15, 2010

Michael Hancock Repays Metro Taxi

Councilman Michael Hancock is Running for Mayor of Denver ...

But we know Councilman Michael Hancock in another way: As someone who testified on behalf of Metro Taxi, arguing against Mile High Cab ... Councilman Hancock testified, under oath, that there are too many cabs on the street already. His testimony helped Metro Taxi. Funny, because Metro Taxi also helped Councilman Michael Hancock, by donating thousands of dollars to his campaign coffers before Councilman Michael Hancock went to the PUC to testify.

Did money influence Councilman Michael Hancock?

You be the judge. Here's a short film, an animated version of Councilman Michael Hancock's actual testimony at the PUC. This is all taken from the transcripts .... enjoy!


  1. What's more important to Hancock? Jobs or what lobbyists and his corporate contributors tell him to do?

    Here's some b.s. about Hancock in Westword.

    Job one for Denver's mayor in his view is "growing jobs, without question. Everything we do will be about the sustainability of jobs in this city. Nothing's more important or creates a bigger systemic impact than making sure people who live in the city have an opportunity to support their families. So we're going to make sure jobs are growing in the city by focusing on small business expansion, but also by being a facilitator -- bringing together the venture capital community and other stakeholders and figuring out the best way to grow the economic ecosystem. Cities that have figured out how to grow their own businesses often find those businesses becoming Fortune 500 companies, and we need to make sure that's happening in Denver.

  2. I drive for metro...hence the "anonymous". I'd jump ship to you guys in a split second if it were possible. Lease rates from hell come to mind as #1 reason.
    822 a week for the hybrids.