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Friday, August 27, 2010

Senator Chris Romer supports Mile High Cab

State Senator Chris Romer has written to the PUC supporting Mile High Cab's application.

Senator Romer, a member of the Senate's Transportation Committee, writes that "The intent of the Legislature is passing HB 1227 was to open the taxi cab market to new cab companies and offer greater choice to consumers, rather than create only a single new cab company."  See his letter here.

Romer, a Denver Democrat, represents Senate District 32, a district that includes parts of Jefferson and Denver Counties.

Mile High Cab has applied for authority to operate in Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties.  The 150 Mile High Cabs would be one additional cab for every 16,000 persons living in these counties and one more cab for every 25 square miles.

If you support lower fares, better service, and more competition in the cab business, please let the PUC know.  To send email to the PUC, click here


  1. I cannot imagine how low fare hart public interest this really silly response. I my self wish, we, the public, to decided to our interest not this kind of silly PUC judge.

  2. William, you can help, send Mr. Doug Dean, chairman, a quick note and tell him you want lower fares and free competition, Doug.Dean@dora.state.co.us make your voice heard!! -- Mile High Cab

  3. we need a competition''