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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Real People React ...

Do You Think Competition and Lower Taxi Fares are Bad?

Mile High Cab only wants to compete, but the state Public Utilities Commission feels competition, and lower fares for consumers, is bad for the big companies that have a lock on Front Range taxi service.

One reader has had enough, she took the time to write to her state senator and she shared the letter with us.

If you're tired of big government blocking free enterprise, better service, and a fair way of doing business, contact the PUC at Doug.Dean@dora.state.co.us

Here's the letter one fed-up reader had for her Senator, Thanks!

Dear Senator Mitchell,

This brief letter is to alert you to a worrisome free market situation in the Denver metro area and, as a member of your district, to recruit your assistance.

According to the Denver Business Journal, "Mile High Cab wants to operate 150 cabs in the counties of Denver, Adams, Jefferson, Arapahoe and Douglas. It filed a PUC application to start operations in September 2008. Administrative Law Judge Paul Gomez, tasked with hearing arguments and recommending a decision to the commissioners, denied the application in mid-July.

"He said adding a new cab company — one that offered essentially the same cab service as the four existing companies — would drag down all the cab businesses and result in lower service for customers, he said.

'When a market is at or near capacity, a homogeneous, undifferentiated entrant such as Mile High, does not serve the public interest,' the ruling said."

Senator Mitchell, as you know, in America free enterprise is a widely-held tenet of our American liberty. When Judge Gomez determined that Mile High Cab would be "hurting" competition by starting business in several Denver-area counties, he demonstrated his obvious lack of knowledge of, or respect for, laissez-faire. I appeal to your sense of the free enterprise system in America, and ask you to encourage the PUC to overturn Judge Gomez's ruling regarding Mile High Cab, allowing the spirit of American business to continue to take its course as it should. We owe it to the citizens of our city, state and country."

What a great letter. Thanks for your support!

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  1. The reality has been revealed. If PUC wants to liberate drivers and the society at large, should materialize the pioneering of Mile high cab. New company into the market (with a better service, with a better tariff, in customers request time, every where-not only in Down town) is not adding problem to the society. It is a promise of our founder. PUC let you understand competition to serve our society is not adding a fuel to the flame; it is in the dimension of solving the existing problem. It looks you are promising to keep the society in problem, keep promising foreign companies (like Yellow) to proceed with their illegal business doing in our country, promising to keep American dream beneath the foot of those illegally serving companies-like yellow. We all Americans are here to live American dream, to keep American in the healthy competition market-it is a land of freedom, land of opportunity. Mile high is requesting to set an opportunity for the society-not for the wealthiest company, set an opportunity for the market-dream of our founders. Please think at least few times and consider the offered opportunity.