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Friday, August 20, 2010

Listen UP! Mile High Cab on the Radio!

Making noise ...

Mile High Cab attorney Tom Russell will be riding the airwaves this weekend. Don't forget to tune in and listen.

Tonight, Friday, Aug. 20, hard-hitting talk show host Mike Zinna has Tom in studio to talk about why the state of Colorado thinks you should pay more for less service when it comes to taxicabs in the five-county region. Should be entertaining ... 101.5 FM, 730 p.m. ... or listen online at http://www.truthdenver.com/

Then tomorrow, Saturday, Aug. 21, Colorado Springs host Jeff Crank will "Crank It Up" with Tom on his show from 8-10 a.m. on AM 740 ... and if you're not in the Springs, you can listen live at http://www.kvor.com/

Spread the word, share with friends. Why should drivers be forced to work for someone else instead of starting their own company? Why should consumers have to pay more for less service? What does the Colorado State Government have against creating 150 new jobs?

Ask your local representative and write to the PUC by clicking here.

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