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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

9news talks to drivers about high lease rates and illegally long hours

What happens when Taxi companies charge drivers high lease rates?

Apparently, drivers drive way too many hours, according to the Public Utilities Commission. Denver's Channel 9 reports that all three corporate cab companies, excluding the driver's cooperative of Union Cab, stand accused of violating the so-called "80-in-8" rule, meaning drivers have been found to be driving more than 80 hours in eight consecutive days.

To be fair, it's not the driver's fault. Facing weekly lease rates of sometimes more than $900, drivers have to work long hours, since they don't make a dime until they pay The Man. But is that safe? Having drivers on the road so long? And is it fair to the drivers and their families?

Since Mile High Cab is owned by the drivers, they just need a weekly lease rate that pays operating expenses. They don't have to pay off shareholders, or in the case of Yellow Cab, a corporation based back in France. Mile High drivers would pay only $250 a week, so they can make a living driving legal hours.

Why wouldn't that be better, PUC?


  1. The conspiracy in action. The DIA works hand in hand with yellow. The PUC is corrupt. The public interest in compromised. No biggy government. Let mile high enter the market.

  2. How many cabs does the yellow and metro dispatch? What is the mechanism the PUC put in place to control the cab companies do not violate their permit limit? More hours on the street: is the public interest served or infringed? More competition detrimental to the public....!!! hmmm, strange!!! Is this the ideal on which the great America is built?????

  3. The reality has been revealed. If PUC wants to liberate drivers and the society at large, should materialize the pioneering of Mile high cab. New company into the market (with a better service, with a better tariff, in customers request time, every where-not only in Down town) is not adding problem to the society. It is a promise of our founder. PUC let you understand competition to serve our society is not adding a fuel to the flame; it is in the dimension of solving the existing problem. It looks you are promising to keep the society in problem, keep promising foreign companies (like Yellow) to proceed with their illegal business doing in our country, promising to keep American dream beneath the foot of those illegally serving companies-like yellow. We all Americans are here to live American dream, to keep American in the healthy competition market-it is a land of freedom, land of opportunity. Mile high is requesting to set an opportunity for the society-not for the wealthiest company, set an opportunity for the market-dream of our founders. Please think at least few times and consider the offered opportunity.

  4. come on PUC this is a right time to help dRIVERS.

  5. I don't believe the city has too many cabs.If so why we are waiting too long to get a cab.////

  6. $950.00 a week is too much isn't ? yes yes it is

  7. Milehigh Cab drivers are well skilled. Let them have it their own cab company.