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Friday, February 4, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read All About It ...

Another newspaper speaks out for freedom ...

So far, the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Denver Post's Vincent Carroll have sided with State Sen. Ted Harvey and State Rep. Daniel Kagan, endorsing their bill (SB-65) that demands an end to the Public Utilities Commission's aggressive campaign against free and fair competition in the taxi market.

Next up, the Aurora Sentinel, which produced an editorial in support of the bill.

The Sentinel Notes:

"At least two state lawmakers are ready to help protect us from the state agency created to protect us.

State Sen. Ted Harvey, R-Highlands Ranch, and state Rep. Daniel Kagan, D-Englewood, are chief sponsors of Senate Bill 65, which seeks to loosen the death grip the Colorado Public Utilities Commission has on the metro-area taxi industry.

The PUC has for three years worked to snuff an Aurora start-up company, Mile High Cab Company. It seeks to be a cooperative of sorts of 150 cab drivers.

In one of the most ludicrous rulings ever issued in regards to PUC action — and given the wild things the PUC does, that’s really saying something — an administrative law judge denied Mile High Cab’s request to go into business because it would create too much competition for the taxi industry.

“Wow” comes to mind as an initial response to such a curious statement."

Indeed. Wow. Read the rest of this excellent editorial here.


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