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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Huffington Post, Another in Favor of Mile High Cab ...

Mayor Hickenlooper opposes new jobs?

Huffington Post writer Jessica Corry scratches her head. Why is Mayor John Hickenlooper, a man running for governor in a jobs-starved state, opposed to the 150 new jobs Mile High Cab would create?

Hickenlooper, she writes, actually wrote to the PUC in opposition of Mile High Cab's proposal to create jobs and let consumers ride for less. Corry writes:

"The city's biggest taxi market players, Metro and Yellow, greeted Mile High's proposal with lawyers and lobbyists. This atrocity simply could not be left to stand. And they didn't go low end. They enlisted the support of Mayor John Hickenlooper, the same guy now running to be our state's governor and whom proclaims his commitment to eliminating bureaucratic red tape wherever possible.

"While Hickenlooper has inevitably done a lot of good for Denver, as well as the entire state (and I'd vote for him any day over current GOP contender Dan Maes, if that were my only choice), his decision to write to the PUC opposing Mile High makes one wonder.

"The city needs more cabs. The city needs more jobs. Grab a cab from one of the existing companies and you'll hear the same message again and again. Drivers are tired of being forced to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars each month to lease cabs or operate under a cartel system that give them little freedom or opportunity to grow."

Read the entire excellent post here.

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